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NOTE: The Redmi 3S Prime does not support my app in the Google Play Store. I did not make that decision, it is controlled by Redmi. Therefore you cannot use the 3S Prime with Dactyl. You can contact Redmi with any requests.

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Thank you for requesting support for "{{lastRequestedApp.package}}"!

In order for me to add support quicker, you may be able to help!

  1. Simply open Dactyl's settings and enable Debug Mode.
  2. Now navigate to the app you would like supported. (Be sure to navigate to the screen with the shutter button!)
  3. Once there, switch back to Dactyl and hit Send debug info and use the email client of your choice to email me the log.
  4. You can now turn off Debug Mode and I will be on way to adding support!

If you would like to be notified when {{lastRequestedApp.package}} is supported, please send me your email address below:   
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